• Julian Rives

10 Tips for Networking with Executive Recruiters

Search firms are increasingly beneficial in assisting professionals seeking a new role. Hunt Scanlon’s article, “10 Tips for Networking with Executive Recruiters During Covid-19,” discusses some major points on how to better prepare yourself to use an executive recruiter. Two of the tips that stood out to us were to have a polished resume and choose the right search firm. Executive recruiters are looking at resumes all day long. If your resume is not up to date or has a professional appeal, there is a good chance it will be overlooked. Choosing the right search firm is so critical. You want to research who you would be working with and ensure that they cover the market you are seeking. We also believe it is important to work with consultants who care about you and your future career. At Chapel Hill Solutions, we care. You are more than a name or data input in our system. We remember your career goals, and we bring you vetted opportunities that are the best fit.

Check out the article with Hunt Scanlon below to read more on networking tips during Covid-19.

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